Ancient Egyptian Music

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Ancient Egyptian Music

In this picture, the instruments that some of the woman are playing is the harp and a guitar-like instrument. The harp usually contained 12 strings. We call the other instrument a guitar because they connect the strings from the bottom all the way to the top, and they have a hole in the middle of the base.

The soul of Egyptian music

When woman played music, they had to wearthin or revealing clothes. They also had to wear make-up to look more appealing.

Top 10 reasons why it is so awesome to be a woman musician!10. When we're totally blinded by the darkness, the musicians can just randomly pull out their instruments and start playing9. Music for woman is an oportunity to get a skilled job8. Women can sing their hearts out7. Our music is very important to Egyptian life6. Our music is played everywhere5. Their is tons of instruments you can play4. Almost all musicians are women (well of course!)3. Our music is so awesome, there's gods of music2. We turn boring times into blasting times1. We can have the ability to play for a god or goddess


Even though we don't use the same style of music today,we still use some of the same instruments like the guitar, harp, flute, and tambourine. We play music at religious festivals, parties, other gatherings, and sometimes just for fun. The Egyptians also did too. They would play music everywhere! Today we dress in nice clothes to look appealing on stage when we are performing. The Egyptians did the same thing. We put on make-up today, for example eye liner. The Egyptians had black powder called kohl that was used to rim the eye.

In this picture, the Egyptians are using their tambourines to make music.

There was only a few men that were musicians. In this picture they are clapping to the beat of the harp.

Here is another picture with men musicians. The man on the far left is playing the flute.

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