Ancient Egyptian medicine & surgery

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Ancient Egyptian medicine & surgery

Ancient egyptian physicians used sugical tools such as knives,hooks, drills, forcepts, scales, spoons, pincers, and saws. (while they were treating patients)

Ancient Egyptian medicine & surgery

Surgery was a common practice among physicians as a treatment source among their patients. Ancient egyptian physicians saw every injury as; treatable, contestable, or untreatable ailments. The treatable were quickly operated on/ medically treated. The contestable were the victims that could basically survive without treatment, patients in this catergory were usually watched or checked on periodically. If they then survived, an operation would be performed to fix whatever was wrong with them.

Ancient surgery

Surgical tools

Anicent Egyptians depended on the afterlife and gods greatly if an operation went wrong. Anubis was said to be with the dead at mummification and within the afterlife 'gates'.

The condition of Egyptian's teeth was very poor due to teeth grinding, and so on. Tooth infections could be very fatal compared to how tooth infections are seen as practically nothing now. Forced tooth removal was about the only thing that could be done.Opiums(a plant) were used to calm pain.

Ancient dentistry

- Honey and milk(throat irritation and respiratory problems)- Herbal and mineral compounds(common colds and such)-Trepanning(opening the head to calm pressure)-Yeast(swelling or infection)-liver extracts(Ashoma, and eye disease)-crocodile dung(conception)

Egyptian nutritional food consisted of mainly emmer wheat(bread) and barley. Vegetables and fruits were also consumed regularly. Not very many health problmes came with nutrition in ancient Egypt.

Amulets were popular in ancient Egypt. Health orianted amulets were classified as homopoetic, phylactic,theophoric.H~ strength or speedP~ protection against harmT~stem blood flow

Ancient prescriptions

Magic tion

Ancient nutrition


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