Ancient Epyptian Glassworking

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Ancient Epyptian Glassworking

The earliest known glass beads and jewelry from Egypt were from around the time of the New Kingdom. Which was about 1500 BC.

Glass working was used for many different things. It was used to make jewelry and other statues and containers that a lot of times were put in tombs so people could have them in the after life. It was also used for trade. People back then thought that some color beads had different powers. Like blue beads were magical and could grant wishes. Glassworking was also used in temples and religious ceremonies.


Glassworking changed over time quite a bit. It became more complex and different techniques were developed and changed. For instance, now we can carve glass and instead of having to melt it, we can just use a blow torch to change its shape.

Glassworking's modern counterpart would be glass blowing. Glass blowing is where instead of completely melting it you get it hot enough to where you can shape it.

Egyptians made everyday things out if glass. Everything from jars, jewelry, tools, food containers, statues, temples, and everyday household appliances and decorations.

Modern day glasswork is used for a variety of different things. Such as glasses, jars, drink glasses, plates, accessories, phones, clocks, windows, and many other things.

FUN FACTAround 3,000 bc, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Syria were the worlds hubs for glassmaking.


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