Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Ancient Egyptian Culture

The Ancient Egyptian Culture

The Curse of the Pharoah One Ancient Egyptian tale is the curse of the Pharoah. On the door of the tomb of King Tutankhamen, it reads "Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King." And this curse proved to be real when archaelogists and workers worked to investigate the tomb and were reported to experience a painful death. Visit this webiste to learn more about the curse of the Pharoah;

Aliens It has often been said that the ancient Egyptians were in contact with aliens. People have said that building pyramids by hand is a superhuman achievement and even in some heiroglyphs there are some picutres of extraterrestrial creatures. However, later in life this proved to be false. In fact, it is a bit of an insult to the Egyptians for all of their hardwork. It was also found that this myth was created by surrounding cultures do to there jealousy.

The Book of the Dead The Book of the Dead is a collection of ancient Egyptian funerary texts from many different time periods. Most of these texts were on the inside of a sarcophagus and then in later time on papyrus that was buried with the bodies of the dead. The stories were about spells and charms that the decceased could use in there eternal life in the afterlife. Visit this website for more information on the Book of the Dead;

I selected the Egyptian culture because in previous books I have read that pertain to the culture, I really enjoyed them. I just feel like they are really fun to read about and very interesting that Egyptians lived off of these myths as their history and believed strongly in them.

Fun Fact: A pharoah's hair was never seen because they always had to wear a nemes, or a headress.

Fun FactA well-kown Egyptian, Pepi II did not like flies, so to prevent them from getting on him, he kept a few naked slaves smeared with honey to have the flies get them.

Fun Fact"When a body was mummified, its brain was removed through one of its nostrils and its intestines were also removed and placed in jars called canopic jars. Each organ was placed in its own jar. The only internal organ that was not removed was the heart, because Egyptians considered it to be the seat of the soul."Exact words from;



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