Ancient Egyptain Art

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Ancient Egyptain Art

Ancient Egyptian Art

Ancient Egyptian art was painted on many things and carved on many things. Pictures were sometimes carved in stone or slate. In cintrast to carvin, paintings were painted on walls. The paintings and carving made by the Egyptians were aways two dimentional. Paintings and carvings sometimes showed how daily life was and what the birds and plants around them looked like, and how they were.

Painting and Carving

Ancient Egyptian Art Images

Sculptures were made of many important people for many reasons. Sculptures were magnifficent life-like forms of art created by skilled Egyptians. Aincient Egyptian sculptures were always facing forwards. These creative sculptures were made of hard long-lasting stone. The usual sculptures construced were usually on the current pharaoh of Egypt.


There are many things to know about the history of ancient Egyptian art. Ancient Egyptain art is about five thousand years old, as long as art stays creative, that number will continue to grow. What ancient Egyptain art also is, is the painting, sculpting, architecture, and other arts produced the civilization of Egypt. Ancient Egyptian art was also highly sybolical in ancient Egypt. The art of ancient Egypt was designed to benifit a divine or deceased recipient.

The History of Ancient Egyptian Art

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