Ancient Egyptain Makeup

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Ancient Egyptain Makeup

Ancient Epyptain Makeup

In ancient egypt, beauty was a sign of holiness. It was used in tombs and for magical and religious purposes. A lot of it was eyes, lip gloss and nail polish was used on certain occasions. They used two types of makeup Udju and Mesdemet. Udju was a green malachite and the Mesdemet was a dark grey ore of lead.

Today beauty is still a big part of cultureand so is cosmetics. there are thousands of lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes,and mascaras.We use different chemicals today to make makeup products in stead of natural compounds.

How did they put thier face on?

Our makeup Today...

Todays Look {Video}

EgyptianLook {Video}

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This is all about ancient egyptain makeup and the change from then to our makeup now.


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