Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt


There are three famous people that I have picked that lived in Ancient Egypt. There names are King Tut, Akhenaten, and Queen Nefertiti. They are all related by mom, dad, son. Mom, Queen Nefertiti, dad, Akhenaten, and son, King Tut his older brother would have been King but he died.

To begin with, King Tut was nine years old when he rose to the thorn, to his people he was half man half god. He had a hole in his head they thought a drill did it but then they thought the embalmers did it. They saw proof they left a trail in the cat scan you can see embalming fluid dripping down inside the hole. In his left leg they saw a missing knee cap eventually stopping his heart. They put him back in his coffin where he was safe. Nefertiti is King Tut's mom. King Tut died in 1323 BC.

In conclusion these gods were fascinating and interesting to learn about. They all were born in the 1300's. It was weird how they went back in years and not forward in years.:)

Thirdly, Nefertiti was born in 1371 BC in Thebes, Egypt 1331 BC she was marred to Akhenaten. They had 7 childeren. Nefertiti's real name is Neferneferuaten that means "A beautiful woman has come.'' The body of Nefertiti was found behind King Tut's, her son's tomb.

Pursuing this further, Akhenaten became ruler of Egypt in 1353 BC. His name used to be Faril Obin Hotept the 4th. Akhenaten was more powerful than mirror gods. His eyes where an unusual size. At night the other gods would pray, Akhenaten would not. Akhenaten is also King Tutankhamen's father. During the rein of Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti, the arts, sciences, and mathematics flouished in Egypt.


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