Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

The government and laws in Ancient Egypt were all made by pharaohs. The type of government in Egypt was a theocracy. Everyone in Ancient Egypt was taxed to help the pharaoh pay for things. When it comes to laws the Egyptians mostly have punishments to fit the crime.


"Tomb Discovery" courtesy of National Geographic

The largest pyramid ever built was the "Great Pyramid" in Giza, which up until the 1800's was the largest man made structure in the world. The "Great Sphinx" is a huge human-headed lion statue in Giza, it protects Khafra's pyramid.

Mummification is a process used to preserve the body. The Egyptians wrapped the bodies in many strips of linen. Between layers of linen people put amulets to protect the body during it's afterlife. There was a papyrus scroll of spells from the Book of Dead placed between the wrapped hands to ward off evil sprits.

The Nile River was a giver and a taker of life. The Nile gave the Egyptians fertile land for farming and water to drink, but also flooded often, which wiped out crops and sometimes people. The most important thing about the Nile is that it is the longest rlver in the world, of 4,000 miles.

Ancient Egypt is in northeast Africa. It mostly has very dry, dessert land, also known as "red land." Only around the Nile River was there fertile land, known as kemet. About 90% of Egypt's land is dessert, leaving the people to survive in hot, dry weather.

The Rosetta Stone was used to decode Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It had three different languages on it, Greek, hieroglyphics, and a form of cursive writing.The Rosetta Stone was carved in 196 B.C. It was found by french soldiers in 1799. It was written by priests to honor the Egyptian pharaohs.

There were many important pharaohs, here a are few who I thought really stood out. Hatshepsut was a woman pharaoh who helped Egyptian civilzation tremendously. King Tutankhamun became king when he was very young and we know much about him because of his tomb. Ramses II built more statues and monuments then any other pharaoh.

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