Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

'The Greatest Pharoahs'This video describes the Egyptian Empire under some of the most well known Pharoes including Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun etc...

Fast Facts - Over 130 Pyramids have been found! - Khufu's Pyramid at Giza is the LARGEST! - 1 mummy's bandage can reach 1.6km! - There are 700 different Hieroglyphs! - Inventions include: locks, paper, and toothpaste! **

Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids at Giza!

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Click to learn more about the Nile!

Egyptian women had many rights! They were able to buy and sell property, serve on juries, make wills and enter into legal contracts! Talk about being ahead of the times!

Hierglyphic writing was a form of writing used by the Ancient Egyptions. Each picutre is a 'hieroglyph.'

The Ankh was a symbol of Eternal Life!

Don't worry! 'The beautiful one has come!'

SCANDAL ALERT! Cleo was actually GREEK!



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