Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt King Tut

by:Joshua Talamantez and Thomas Oghalai

Claim:Ancient Egypt was important because of king Tut

Subtopic 1 Ancestry:1. King Tut's parents were King Akhenaten and Kiya2. His grandparents where King Akhenaten III and Tiye3. He had six half sisters (all of which were the daughters of King Akhenaten and Nefertiti, King Akhenaten's main wife.)4. His great grandfather was King ThutmoseIV 5. King Tut's mother was not a main wife

Subtopic 2 life and death1. When King Tut became Pharaoh, he had two advisors, Ay, (Nefertiti's father) and Horemheb. (The commander of the military.)2. King Tut loved to listen to music and play senet, he also liked to hunt3. King Tut married his half sister. (This was common in Egypt back then.)4. King Tut's name was changed from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamen, but nobody knows who made him do it. (Most people think Horemheb made him.)5. Nobody knows how King Tut died, but we do know who most people suspect, most people think Ay did it because he was next in line for the throne, this was backed up by the fact that he took the throne after King Tut died however, King Tut had some injuries that could have caused his death.

Subtopic 3 The discovery of his tomb:1. When King Tut's tomb was found by Howard Carter, he found out that thieves had broken in twice, but had run away without taking much.2. His Burial Chamber had four rooms and had been made for someone of lower class. It was filled with gold statues and chariots.3. When the people discovered the tomb, many Archaeologists came from across the world to take pictures of the tomb.4. When the archaeologists got in they realized that there were a lot of tomb carvings.5. When the tomb was discovered the diggers realized that the tomb was made badly because the burial had to be quick.

Glossary:Sarcophagus: A stone coffin. Chariot:A two wheeled carriage drawn by an animal. Archaeologist: Someone who looks for pieces of old civilizations.

Most interesting fact I'd like to share:Ay took over the throne after King Tut died, but he was old and died very soon. Horemheb then took the throne and destroyed all traces of the previous 4 pharaohs.

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Tutankhamun's death maskBy Carsten Frenzl Licensed by CC

King Tut Burial Mask byMark Fischer Licensed by CC

Free photo: Sarcophagus, Mummy, Egypt, Treasure - Free Image on Pixabay - 469273 By Rachel Bostwick Licensed by CC

File:Tutankhamun replica gold sarcophagus REM.JPG by BrokenSphere Licensed by CC

King Tut's replicated sarcophagus

King Tut's sarcophagus

King Tut's burial mask

King Tut's death mask

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King Tut's tomb may have a secret chamber


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