Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians grew crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables,fruits and vines.They used hand plows and plows pulled by oxen.They grew their crops near the nile river in the rich black soil.They watered the crops by trapping the water when the nile river .We still use agriculture today.Most of our vegetables and fruits come from farms.We need agriculture to eat food and raise animals.



Hieroglyphics is a type of writing that uses pictures to represent objects, sounds or ideas.Egyptians carved hieroglyphics on stone and painted them on the walls of tombs and on paper called papyrus.There pens where sharp reeds dipped in ink and the ink was made out of crushed plants.We don’t use hieroglyphicstoday,but we do use a type of writing and it is important because that is the way we write and communicate to each other.

365 day calendar

Ancient Egyptians noticed the nile river began it flooding process every 365 days and after a few years of recording information they made the calendar.So now they know when to expect the flood.The 365 day calendar is really important because that is what we use today.Our birthdays or important events are marked on the 365 calendar.The calendar tells us what day it is helps us plan its just kind of like knowing when the nile river would flood.

Pottery and metals

Ancient Egyptians had clay pots to keep food in it so it wouldn't get wet and moldy. They made pots by hand or they made long coils of clay and spiraled them around to build the walls of the pot.They also make some pots out of copper or other metals.We use pots and pans to cook food and heat up stuff just like the ancient egyptians did.We use metals in our architecture, technology ,and almost everything.U.S. makes use of metal in a lot of manufacturing,but we don't use clay stuff as much egyptians did.We mostly use stainless steel or other metals.

Did you know that Ancient Egyptians wore makeup because they thought it had healing powers

Did you know that Cleopatra was not Egyptian.She was actually from a long line of Greek Macedonians

Egyptians thought the world was round and the nile river flowed through the center of it



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