Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

The Sphinx-The Sphinx was one of the most oldest and famous monuments foung in Egypt.-The Spinx has a head of a pharoah and a body of a lion.-It is known as the 'Great Sphinx of Giza.'-It is located on the west bank of the Nile River.-The Sphinx also used to have a nose and a beard, but in times pass, the nose was chisseled of and the berad was worn down and eventually has rubbled away.

The Sphinx

Life in Ancient Egypt:

Old Kingdom

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-An Egyptiand was at first called a king, but later they were known as pharoahs. -A pharoahs also was at the highest rank, so them and their families lived in the grand place.-Most of the pharaohs people belived that if they had a ruler, that things in life would go a lot smoother for them and their families.-The rulers ordered bureaucats for government officials.-Also the pharaoh owned every bit of land and could do as he pleased with it.

-Egypt was called home to about 5 million people. This is egual to people living in Colorado.-The social statuses played a huge part. They included, at the highest, Pharoah, then Preists and nobles, to Traders, atrisans, shopkeepers, and scribes, to Farmers and herders, all the way down to slaves or unskilled workers which where at the bottom of the social status.-When you became a teenager, you were to get married and start your own family.

-For their presnt or formal pharoahs the Egyptians showed respect by building great tomds or pyramids for them.After centuries most of these pyramids that held all the pharoahs tombs in them are still standing strong today.-Many people helped build the pyramiuds and one was even an official for the pharoah and his name was Imhotep.-Mostly the used huge stones to make the pyramids.

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-The egyptians worships many gods, and or goddeses in their kingdoms to show thier religion.-They also believed that the afterlife was going to be better than the present life. They belived thier would finally come peace.-=Thie rlearned a lot about sewing up cuts or setting brocken bones.They also wrote down information which was some of the information wwe use today.

Daily Life


Religion, Afterlife, & Medical Skills

Political Rulers


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