Ancient egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient egypt

Most egyptians lived by the delta or nile river.The delta is at the mouth of the nile river, like the begging of the river. The upper class of people would live in homes constructed of eood mudd bricks,and some were two or three stories and they were close to the nile river. The men and women got all the good stuff too like clothes and ect.The middle class of the egyptians had gppd jobs and got good pay, they owned bussiness and some were artisians. They lived in smaller houses and they weared simply clothes then the upper class.The largest class of people was the lower class of people, which was the unskilled workers. They worked like slaves, and sooner they could get enough pay to pay there way out of slaver, but there house was usally one story and had just one room with a roof. But that is the daily life of a egyptian.

Political Rulers

Thousands of workers spent years working on these pyramids. It took alot of hard labor. The farmers helped in the summer alot, but only because most f the time the floodes would flood there crops so they decieded to help build the pyramids There were many challenges in building the pyramids, but some of them had to be smart because it took alot of knowledge to build the pyramids, but they got them done with alot of hard work. But many died building the pyramids.

A egyptian ruler was called a king later onthey changed it and was then called a pharaoh. The pharaohs would live in grand palaces with there family.The egyptians believed the pharaoh was a stronge ruler tht had total power. The pharaoh gave land the egyptians he favored too.


religion influenced every aspect of the egyptians life. Like the people of mesopotamia, ancient egyptians worshipped many gods and goddesess.But they thought there gods were the best. So they took there religion very serious.

Medical Skills


the egyptian doctors sewed up cuts and broken bones. They were the first to use splints, bandages, and compresses. They would recoreded the patiences in medical books. to help them.

Life in ancient egypt"Old kingdom"

Daily life


How pyramids were built.

The egyptians thought after your death, that you got to go to a better place. a place better then the present life. If you lived a good life you would go to eternal life. But if you lived a bad life you would go to a bad place..


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