Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

Fast Facts -Ancient Egypt's Most Common Game Was A Board Game Called Sene - Your House Depended On Your Wealth If Rich You Stayed In A Ten Room House And If Poor A One.

Ancient EgyptSi'ana, Dylan, & Tatice

This is the local map!

It is concentrated along the Nile River.

How can I get there?You can take a train, boat, plane or anything you want to get to Egypt.

Social Status:1. Pharoh2. Government Officals - Nobles, Priests3. Soldiers4. Scribes5. Merchants6. Artisans7. Farmers8. Slaves And Servants

Why should I go there?1. People here very nice and have good senses of humor.2. Sightseeing- there are many places such as Cairo where you can see the sphinx and pyramids.3. Weather - It is sunny year round.4. Culture - Theatre, movies, and poets are pretty popular here.5. Food- We have Kebab, Sambousak, Molokheya and Rice Pudding. Yum!

Be AdvisedPharohs have set up a government and economy. The pharohs are the ultimate authority in Egypt. The pharoh can tell you what to do and you have to do it. Some people believe the pharohs are gods.

Egypt is a civilizaton located in Northeastern Africa.

Legal SystemThe pharohs create all laws. The usual punishment for violating a law is 100 strokes of a cane. However, some punishments were fatal; such as drowning and burning alive. If you violate the law, the pharoh decides what will happen to you.

Ancient Egypts Original Language Was Called The Heiroglyphics.Which Were Soon Discovered On A Artifact Called The Rosetta Stone. In Which People Used To Find Out The Language Of The Egyptians.

Egytians Created Scripts Which They Recorded and Communicated Information OnEgyptians Wrote On Clay Tablets And Papyrus.Typically Used Charcoal Or Black Soot To Form Black Ink.


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