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Ancient Egypt

Ancient EgyptBy: Emily Rhine

Fun FactsPyramids were monumental structures that were burial sites for pharaohs of ancient Egypt. There was once a pyramid that was 450 feet tall, that is taller than a four story building. Some pyramids were built with dead-end passages so that when tomb robbers came they would get lost, and be unable to find the tomb. Robbers then came to steel the riches buried with the pharaoh. A mummy is a specially preserved body. Pharaohs were preserved for their afterlife. The Egyptians believed in the afterlife. Ancient Egyptians were pollytheism, which means that they believed in many gods.

PeopleThe rulers in ancient Egypt were called pharaohs. King Tut was most famous for the riches found in his tomb. King Tutankhamun, was his real name, was just nine years old when he became pharaoh. Pharaohs were said to be able to comunicate with the gods. In ancient Egypt the people married with in their own social group, and they kept their parents jobs. Mummies were dead people who were preserved by the priest.

Egypt's locationEgypt was located in North East Africa. The Nile river was considered the "back bone" of Egypt. To the west was the Red Sea. To the south was the Mediterranean Sea. There were to sections to Egypt there was upper and lower Egypt.

Archaeology King Tut was known as the boy king. His full name was Tutankhamen. King Tut was most famouse for the great riches found in his tomb. He was also famouse for how young h was when was when he became pharaoh. One of King Tut's Noles is now in Rochester, New York. King Tut was not the only person who ruled at that time, sense he was so young when he was pharaoh he had two men hel him, Ay and Horemhab. Back then you had to get permision to dig, you still do today, but it was much easier then. A man named Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb. This took him six seasons to actually find it, but he did. When a man was diging in the dirt, he discovered a step and that led to many more steps wich led them to the entrance to the tomb. King Tut's tomb was one of the only to be found untouched. Most tombs were/are found in the Vally of the Kings.

Daily Life In Ancient Egypt:The houses were made of mud-brick. The weathy houses had wall paintings on the inside. They used stools for sitting on and for their chairs. They also used chests for storage. Linen was made from flax, linen was used for making clothes. The ancient Egyptians used head rests for sleeping. At that time both men and women wore make-up. Both men women also wore jewlery for decoration. The two most popular makw-up colors were black and green.

WritingMost people in ancient Egypt didn't know how to read and write. If you knew how to then it would take many years to learn. Hieroglyphics is one of the oldest forms of writing. Hieroglyphics has been found on things that are over five thousand years old. There were about eight hundred different symbols of hieroglyphics

Marriage in Ancient EgyptAthenian men didn't get married until they were thierty years of age. They also married with a sense of civic duty. They married young women about half of thier age. In ancient Egypt both men an women vlaued and enjoyed spending time with eachother. Love and affection in ancient Egypt were tought to be important. Marriage was a natural thing for all classes. There are no actual records of marriage from ancient Egypt. Scholars believe that no records is a fluk in history. Others believe that records don't matter as long as they live together they were considered married. The Qeen was the Kings wife. Only one Queen, but the King had many wives. In ancient Egypt they allowed devorces.

FasionIt would be understand their clothes once you see the way they drew humans. They wore various cothes, make-ups, and sentened cones. Most clothes were made from linen. wormer clothes were made from wool. Cotton was not intruduced yet. Linen was spun from stems of flax. The finest cloth was spun from younger plants. Spinning, weaving, and sewing were important at all levals of society. various plant dyes were added to change the colors of the clothes. They added the color beore the weaving. two sholder straps held up the dresses. In the New Kingdom men and women wore the robe which could be wore in many different ways. A shawl or sari was popular amung the wealthey women. The most popular thing was wigs of black hair. Women wore this becauase it made them look younger. The heat from the sun made ancient Egyptians pay more attention to their skin. Both genders started to allpy oils to their skin. Both men and women wore makeup and the most popular colors were green and black. They wore makeup to protect them from diesses. They both applied red ocher to their lips and cheek bones for the same reason that women do today. hair was hot in the heat and was easiely infected with bugs and lice. Hair was hard to keep clean. Many people solved their problems by wearing wigs. They raised the wig to allow air flow between the scalp and wig. They raised it with pads. Because they wore wigs womens hair went gray, and men never went bald. Not everyone wore wigs. Women who didn't wear wigs had tricks to kepp their natural color, they would rub oils in their hair.

MytholagyIn ancient Egypt each region they worshiped their own god, but also many others. In ancient Egypt religion was very important to everyone. They used magical charms to ward off danger. The pharaoh gave gifts to the gods to get great crops every year. Back then gods and goddess represented nature. Ancient Egypt was a monotheism which means that they believed in many gods and goddess.

Death and Burial:Ancient Egyptians had to observe the bodies that were buried under the desert. Based on these observations they believed in the afterlife. It was important to them to have the body be recognized so it would ave somewhere to live in the after life. They preserved the body through mummification because they thaught that this was the best way for the body to recignise it self. They believed that the spirit could eat, laugh, play, practly do anything it could do when it was alive.


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