Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

In this video, you will see some of Egypt's ancient ways of story telling. You will both sculptures and enscriptions into slate, and other mediums.

Specialized WorkersStarting from highest ranking, to lowest, Egyptians went from pharohs, to vizier, to high priests and nobles, to priests, engineers, and doctors, to scribes, to craftsmen, and finally, to soldiers, farmers, and tomb builers. This was how ancient egyptian social standards were.

Ancient Abydos Heiroglyphics(Advanced cities)

Complex InstitutionsFrom the beginning of the Pharaonic period, Ancient Egypt was run as a theocracy. A theocracy is a form of government in which the government claims to rule on behalf of a god or deity. A powerful king would promote the belief that he had the support of the gods, so no one would try to remove him and risk the displeasure of the gods. From this grew the idea of divine kingship, that the king was the divine representative of a god on earth.(

VOCABULARYPharohs- A ruler of ancient egypt.Hieroglyphics- Enigmatic or incomprehensible symbols or writing or ancient egypt.Theocracy- A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.Pyramids- A quadrilateral masonry mass having smooth, steeply sloping sides meeting at an apex, used as a tomb.

Timeline of Egyptian Civilization


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