Ancient Egypt Vacation

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Ancient Egypt Vacation

Ancient Egypt Vacation

I arrived at the Great Pyramid of Giza just before the sun started to rise. The pyramid that was right in front of me was 481 feet and 5 inches tall. The white limestone that it was built of sparkled in the small light that the sun gave. I walked into the famous pyramid and payed a guard 1$ to go further into the pyramid. I walked around in circles until I was too dizzy to continue and stopped. There it was. the entrance to the king’s chamber just stood there, waiting to be entered. I admired the beautiful hallway just incase I didn’t come back, and entered the chamber. It was made up of gigantic blocks of solid red granite. The large coffer at the end of the room was empty. I was surprised that there were no embalming materials or corpses bodies. After that trip, I went to a souvenir shop in Giza and got a 5 foot tall bobblehead of the Great Pyramid of Giza. But, I lost the bobble head when I got home.

Great Pyramid


The sphinx was standing in the night sky; just waiting to be touched. I started inching toward the great stone statue. I reached my hand out and touched the sphinx. I brought my hand back. I had forgotten that the sun had just set, and the statue was still very warm. The great statue in front of me had the body of a lion and a head of a man. It’s name means strangler. After it had cooled down, I found a secret passage into the sphinx. It was dark inside and I was squished. I turned my flashlight on. I just got a look at the inside before my batteries died. I heard a crack and I got out as quickly as I could. It turned out that it had only been a small piece of stone. I slept on the ground beside the sphinx. In the morning, I looked out towards Giza. After I answered the riddle correctly and said goodbye to the 66ft tall statue, I headed off with the piece of stone.


Valley of the Kings

Amazing photo!

I reached the Valley of the Kings at noon. I found 63 tombs scattered all around me. They were all buried deep into the ground. Religious images and text covered the tombs from top to bottom. I was there during the New Kingdom when the valley became a royal burial ground for pharaohs, queens, high priests, and more. One of the pharaohs that was buried was Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun was buried before I got there. That night, I snuck into his tomb and took a selfie with his sarcophagus.


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