Ancient Egypt Science and Technology

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Ancient Egypt Science and Technology

ANCIENT EGYPTScience and Technology

Weight system unit called Kite, with decimal ratio, 10 Kites equals 1 deben, 10 debens equals 1 sep.

Surgical instruments made of bronze. Those instruments look a lot like today’s tools.

The work of an embalmer included: taking out some of the brain from the nostrils, rinsing out the rest of brain with drugs, cutting the side of body and taking out the abdomen, after filling the cavity with myrrh, cassia and other spices.

Ink was also made from mixed soot with vegetable gum and beeswax. To get different colours of ink they used organic material like ocher.

They were the first people to make paper by taking strips of the cypress papyrus plant and placing them together diagonally, then pressing them together to keep them from falling apart.

• Egyptians wore a lot of makeup because the chemicals in the makeup protected their eyes from any infections. The green eye shadow was ground up malachite that contained copper which is an antibiotic; the black eye liner is a form of lead which killed any possible infections that can get into the eyes.

The Egyptians invented a calendar that differs from ours. It had a total of 365 days; 10 days per week, 3 weeks every month, 4 months a year, and 3 seasons.

The Egyptians had two clocks; the sundial and the water clock.

Work done by Diana Jaber, Marwa Eletry, and Zachary Sweig


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