Ancient Egypt & Mesopotamia

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Ancient Egypt & Mesopotamia

Anceint Egypt and mesopatamia

Mesopatamia Structures The ancent egyptions made their homes out of mud, straw, stone and brick. The homes had several rooms.Some are childeren an another

by:Qasim and Abdulrahma

Egypt transportation video

Egypt structers video

Goverment The nobbels lived in a big homes or villages allong the nile river. No one cared how big your home was. You did not own your house or your jewelry or your food or anything else.

Egypt Transportation Ancient egyptions traveled in several things.They traveled in boats,chariots and on camels.Their boats would mostly be shaped like a canoe.Mostly all of the boats had a sail to help the boat go way faster then one to 20 people patteling the boat.They had lots of boats because there are lots of water for example the nile river.Their chairiots were used in battels mostly.The people would stand on the chariots and people would pull them and the chariots and a horse would pull them and the chariots.They used camels to carry things thing around.They went on camels because the sand in egypt is very hot.

Egypt StructuresHouses in Ancient Egypt were made out of of mud and bricks. The average Egyption home four rooms. the homes of the poor people were only one brick thick. A nobleman's house flooring was made of mud tiles or covered with a plaster like material. Some of the structurs were Pyramid's.

Mesopatamia TransportationThere were 3 ways the Eygiptions transpoted one place to an other place. They used to ride boates, chariots and riding on a camels.They olready had a highway made by nature for the boats. It was the Nile River.


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