Ancient Egypt Lessons

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Ancient Egypt Lessons


Ancient Egypt

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Lesson #1

The Importance of the Nile River.- Students will be identifying and analyzing the importance of the Nile River for the ancient Egyptian civilization. - This is accomplished through a 3-2-1 activity and the creation of a cluster web (graphic organizer).- Emaze is used as the presentation tool for this lesson. - The following youtube video is used for the opening:

Lesson #2

The Rulers of Ancient Egypt- Students will be examining statues of Egyptian Pharaohs. - Through this examination, students will determine how Pharaos were viewed by the citizens of ancient Egypt. - Students will also be determining the duties and responsibilities of Phraohs. - A DBQ packet is included and used throughout this lesson. -

Lesson #3

Hieroglyphics- Students will be comparing hieroglyphics and modern day text messaging as forms of communication. - Students will also be examining how hieroglyphics were used to record history, promote diplomacy, and create power for the Pharaohs. - Nearpod is used throughout this whole lesson as a presentation tool and also an assessment tool. - A virtual map or Egypt is used via



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