Ancient Egypt Grade 4 sample project

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Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt Grade 4 sample project

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The Nile is the world's longest river. It is over 4000 miles long! It is shaped like the lotus flower so often seen in ancient Egyptian art. Each spring, water would run off the mountains and the Nile would flood. As the flood waters receded, black rich fertile soil was left behind. The ancient Egyptian called this rich soil The Gift of the Nile.

Egypt's ancient history covers a huge block of time. Archaeologists noticed something very interesting. They realized that much Egypt's ancient history could be divided into three big blocks of time. In each block, all of the pharaohs behaved in a certain way. The Old Kingdom (2700 BCE-2200 BCE): Pharaohs had absolute power and were considered gods on earth. But that's not why this kingdom is nicknamed "The Pyramid Age". Pharaohs were buried in pyramids only during this time period in history. The Middle Kingdom (2100 BCE-1800 BCE): The middle kingdom was Egypt's Golden Age. Trade flourished, arts and literature flourished. Egypt built strong armies to defend herself against her neighbors. During the time period of the middle kingdom, pharaohs were expected to be good kings and wise rulers. The New Kingdom (1500 BCE-1000 BCE): The new kingdom was Egypt's expansion period. Egypt expanded her borders through military conquest and became a world power.

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