Ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses

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Ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses



Seth was known as the god of Chaos. He murdered his brother and plucked out Horus's eye. In pictures, Seth is shown with a long grey-hond like body, curved muzzle, and long straight pionted ears.


Horus was the Sky god. He was the son of Osiris and Isis. Horus lost his eye fighting Seth because Seth killed his father. Horus is shown as a falcon. He gave power to each pharaoh.


Ra was the god of Creation. They believed that he was the one who created the world. Ra was shown as a falcon with the sun on his head. The sun was a symbol of creation and renewal.

Ancient Egypt Gods and


When pharaohs died they became an Osiris

The Earth was believed to have been created by Ra.

Seth is shown with long-pointed ears and a curved muzzle.

Megan Waidelich

Horus had powers of the Sky.

Ancient Egyptian religion is very different from my religion. Egyptians gave things to their gods as an offering. Also, the Egyptians believed in many gods. I only believe in one God. They even had temples dedicated to their gods. We have churches. Another thing that is different is that in Ancient Egypt only the pharaoh did the ceremonies. In my religion pastors do the ceremonies. They believed when they died, they would go to the afterlife. When we died we will go to heaven or hell. There is not a lot of comparing but a lot of contrasting in these two religions.

The god of the Underworld was Osiris. He was killed by his brother Seth. Osiris's wife found him and brought him back to life. People say that when the pharaohs died they became an Osiris.


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