[2015] Nevaeh Boyer: Ancient Egypt gods and goddess

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[2015] Nevaeh Boyer: Ancient Egypt gods and goddess

Ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses

Neith Goddess of hunting and war. Protector of Duamutef. On King Tut's sarcophagos.

Anubis God of mummifacation. Anubis escorted souls to the afterlife. Participated in the weighing of the heart to determine whether they could go to Osiris.

Bastet Goddess of cats. Duagter of Re. Also mhas a savage side that punishes sinners.

Re God of the sun. Involved in many myths. Basically the main pharoh.

isis goddess of motherhood. Protector of Ismeti. The ultimate mom.

Set God of chaos and evil. He murded his brother Osiris to seize the throne. Went to war with Horus.

Horus God of the pharoh. Connected with the afterlife. He sends souls to Osiris. His eye is a symbol of healing.

Hathor Wife of Horus. Said to have lifted the sun with her horns. Goddess of beauty, love, women ,sky, fertility, music and, dance.


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