Ancient Egypt By: Olivia Stimpson

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Ancient Egypt By: Olivia Stimpson

Written Language

Social Structure

Ancient Egypt


By: Olivia Stimpson

Egyptians separated themselves in four classes. The highestclass consisted the Pharaoh and his family. The class that flowed was made up of priests, nobles, and army commanders. Thethird class was made up of traders, artisans, and scribes. The lowest class but the largest class was made up of farmers and unskilled workers. Through the Egyptians separated themselves they were able to improve their classes.


The Egyptians would express there culture by paintings, sculpting, clothing, and jewelry. The Egyptians would use paintings and sculpting to tell stories. Clothing and jewelry where the biggest thing that the Egyptians would express their culture. They would dress in many layers, and where all types of jewelry.

Egyptians worship many gods and goddesses in their religion. The two most crucial gods was the sun god Re and the river god Hapi, these two gods where impotent because the Egyptians life depended on the river and the sun. Two more gods that where important was Osiris and Thoth. Osiris was the god of the dead and the god of the underworld. Thoth was the god of learning he could take form of any living thing.

The Egyptians created a written language called Hieroglyphics.This language was made up of thousandsof pictures and symbols. For example a house world have been represented as a house. Only a few people could reed and write Hieroglyphics, these people where called scribes.


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