Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

By Lanna Nguyen

Ancient Egypt presumed that recording and communicating about their religion and government through writing was necessary. By writing, the Egyptians were able to maintain their culture.Hieroglyphics was the most popular form of Ancient Egyptian writing.

Like Ancient Egypt, we too find writing important and have used it in our daily lives. We take notes, record events, and communicate as they did through writing. We write in many diverse languages to understand one another.


Along with the civilization of the Ancient Egyptians, we also use the 365 day calendar. The 365 day calendar is a necessary part of our lives and is used to track the days, months, and seasons of the year so we know what events to expect and when to expect them.

The civilization of Ancient Egypt used a 360 day calendar with 30 days, and 12 months per year. At around the time of 4,000 B.C., they added 5 days at the end of the 12th month to line up their years with the solar years. Throughout those 5 days, the Egyptians did not work because it was believed that doing so would bring bad luck.

365 Day Calendar

Just as Ancient Egypt worked in agriculture, so do we. Even now we still need to grow fruits, vegetables, and crops to help us live our daily lives. Agriculture helps us in many ways, as it did during the time of Ancient Egypt.

The residents of Ancient Egypt worked in agriculture to produce food and water to eat and drink. They grew crops relating to wheat, vegetables, barley, melons, figs, vines, grain, pomegranates and vines. Along with these crops, they grew flax used to make linen.


Today, like Ancient Egypt, since copper is an exceptional conductor of heat and electricity, we also have a variety of major uses for copper such as use in motors, electronic goods, air conditioners, and TVs and radios. Copper is a very important natural resource to our society, like it was to Ancient Egypt’s.

During the time of Ancient Egypt, copper was the most widely used metal. They had to smelt and separate copper from ores to use the copper. Copper was used for a variety of items including saws, chisels, knives, hoes dishes, and trays, and was an important part of life.

Use of Copper


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