[2015] irma nomads: Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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[2015] irma nomads: Ancient Egypt

Hatshepsut's Story!

Ancient Egypt

ThePyramids of Giza!

She was the first female pharoah!

"There are two types of women: godesses and doormats." -Hatshepsut

King Tut!

The old kingdom began around 2100 BCE and ended around 2200 BCE. During this time pharoahs were thougt to be gods on earth and power over everything.The old kingdom was also named "The Pyramid Age.This is because,the pharaohs were buried in pyramids only.Around this time The Great Sphinx of Giza was built. The middle kingdom began around 2100 BCE and ended around 1800 BCE.The middle kingdom is thought to be Egypt's Golden age.Why this is is because,the pharaohs during the middle kingdom restored thier wealth.During the middle kingdom,it's pharoahs were thought to be good and wise rulers.Unlike the old kingdom the pharoah's tombs were buried all over Egypt. The new kingdom began around 1500 BCE and ended 1000 BCE.This was Egypt's final and expasion period.During this period all te pharoahs were powerful and there tombs were buried all in the same sight named the Valley of the Kings.

The Egyptians believed in two thousand gods and goddesses.These gods represent things. Such as animals, sun, sky, ect. They also practiced ceremonies for their own funerals.

"Live long follow rules don't be like my father King Arhenaton." -King Tut

He became king at age nine and died ten years later.


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