[2015] Tristan Pfeiffer (Year 6/7): Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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[2015] Tristan Pfeiffer (Year 6/7): Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Unlike in Australia the Ancient Egyptians believed in many Gods and Goddesses, in fact they believed in over 200 Gods and some Egyptians still do. Some of these Gods are Ra God of the Sun, Isis Goddess of life and Magic and Set God of the desert and of evil. The Ancient Egyptians didn't go to church on Sundays like us in Australia. The Ancient Egyptians had other ways of worshipping their Gods like making animal sacrifices. The Ancient Egyptians also believed that your heart would be weighed by the God Anubis to judge if you were good enough to go through to the afterlife, whereas we just go to heaven when we die if we believe in the religion.


Ancient Egyptian foods, games and Gods

The Ancient Egyptians did play games often but when they did they thouroughly enjoyed playing them. Unlike us Australians we play games almost all the time, and our games involve few board games and most often electronic games like Ipods and on computers. The Ancient Egyptians played games like racing and wrestling, and they also liked to play lots of board games that required skill and strategy. one of these board games was called Senet. This game was unbelievably popular and thousands still play it today all over the world. The Ancient Egyptians also liked to swim in the Nile river, lots like how like to swim in the sea or in a pool.

Ancient Egyptian Fun and Games

Ancient Egyptian Food

Amazing video

The Ancient Egyptians did not have a large variety of foods, unlike us Australians today who have foods from other countries aswell as from Australia. The Ancient Egyptians mostly lived in poverty and they did not eat much at all. However the pharaohs ate extremely well. They ate lots of fruit and meat and poultry, they even ate some sweets. The pharaohs had their food delivered to them by their slaves. The Ancient Egyptians did not have supermarkets but they did have markets. This is where the Ancient Egyptians did their shopping for food, but this cost money and the Ancient Egyptians did not have much money so they couldn't afford to buy much.


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