[2015] Annika BORGEEST: Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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[2015] Annika BORGEEST: Ancient Egypt

Egypt was ruled by a mighty phoraoh's who were both mortal and immortal. Egyption phoraoh's were beleived to be gods on earth. Egypt had many gods that could be plants, animals or even weather. The very first egyptians depicted gods as animals and they kept cats as pets which kept the numbers of rats and mice down and they regarded them as friendly gods.In 300 BCE, those religious images began to change, the gods took on human form and grew human bodies, or heads or arms and legs, they became hybrids or mixtures. Ancient egyptians both both feared and admired the gods. live examples of the animal gods were sometimes kept in temples and were very well looked after. Centuries later in the new kingdom when foreigners conquered the country, egyptians attitudes changed. They paid less attention to the old gods because they thought these gods lost their power. Instead egyptians payed attention to more smaller local gods, who they hoped would protect them from danger.


Ancient Egypt

video about fashion and medical treatment.


Now Now in australia we are ruled by a mortal queen and things that happen are the fault of mankind not the gods. People keep cats as pets but they are not considered as gods

Most of the ancient Egyptians partied through festivals. When they throw a party bash, everyone invited can eat meat and drink beer at their hearts content! They can also savor pastries flavored with honey and ancient fruit cakes. The nobles also hire dancers and musicians to make the party much more fun! Musicians also play various instruments such as flutes, lutes and harps. You don't have to look far to imagine how they looked like. Much like music bands today, they consist of males and females minus the singer. Obviously, musicians seemed dull, unlike the exciting dancers! Servants act like customer service professionals in a party. They keep the guests well fed and taken care of much like their bosses. As a warm treatment to the guests, they place perfume cones in their head that melts on room temperature. As they melt, they give off a pleasant aroma to enjoy them all night! One of the most common sports during that time came from the military. Although aimed for soldiers, Egyptians seeking to improve their physical attributes use them for training purposes. For nobles and other elite members of the society, they drive themselves nuts with chariots and kill their time by hunting animals.Before engaging in a battlefield, everyone trains on a safe environment. For charioting, they made a large place for them to run their chariots and shoot arrows on copper targets while moving. On the other hand, to make hunting safe, they made a huge pen similar to a national wild park, and they fill it with bunch of gazelles, deer and bulls.


FashionUnlike most of the people of the ancient Mediterranean, people in ancient Egypt did not wear just one or two big pieces of cloth wrapped around themselves in various ways. Instead, both men and women in Egypt wore tunics which were sewn to fit them. These tunics were like a long T-shirt which reached to the knees (for men) or to the ankles (for women). They were usually made of linen and were nearly always white. They often went barefoot, but sometimes they wore straw or leather sandals.Men who were working outside usually wore short skirts instead of tunics, which may have been made as in West Asia by winding a piece of linen cloth around your waist and legs.Both men and women wore blue and green eyeshadow and black kohl eyeliner, when they were dressed up fancy. Men wore their hair short, and shaved their beards and mustaches, while women wore their hair down to their shoulders.


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