Ancient Discoveries & Inventions

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Inventors and Inventions

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Ancient Discoveries & Inventions

The history of technology in education

105 Paper Made in China

1600-1800 Public Education

1910-1940 Audiovisual Age

1990-1991 Computer Age

1450 Gutenberg Printing Press

1960-1980 Information Age

1995 The Digital Age

382 Manuscript Transcription

30,000 B.C.E Cave Drawings

510 B.C.E Pythagoras Academy

2000 The Interactive Age

At this time it was where the older people taught their children to paint and draw on the rock, this is how it became the first educational technology, where the elders taught their children to paint and draw on the rock. They were going to know what had happened some time ago.

What is observed is that the first smart board is an interactive whiteboard are part of the technology that helped and continue to help not only in the area of education but in other areas is how to facilitate the student's understanding through this advanced technology .

In this interactive age is much more the advance of technology is where they are presented even more because in this case is observed more intelligent technological devices, where more educational technology increases if it is given good use there are many more possibilities of Using different methods.

In this period of time was when the radio waves, the projector were discovered for the transmission of educational programs, was one of the ways to improve education.

In this period, the Chinese document was introduced, which was the invention of the teaching of paper support in the classroom, the role of the teacher in the classroom, which helps students to learn in different daily activities.

This was where the printing was invented because that way many books could be printed and so much to help the education, and this is also how it can be done in less time.

Pythagoras was one of the most important people since he was the first to finance the academy to teach philosophy, science and mathematics, was one of the first schools where children were taught, was one of the first formal education academies .

The manuscripts were what helped in the education because many students could improve their calligraphy and thus to have a very readable letter is for that reason it is very important because by means of which it gives the creativity.

It was in this period that public education emerged that helped many children and old people to have a great opportunity to study, it is something that the rich took to do well in order that the poor children could also get their studies and move on.

It can be observed that it was a time when the TV, VCR, AUDIO TAPE and vhs tape was created and this was how the teachers through different tapes were able to record their different knowledge and thus to be able to share them in a significant way.

It is observed that people through the Internet and some devices are facilitated to interact and exchange ideas, this is how it facilitates the communication of the teacher with the students to be able to transmit different information or clear doubts.


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