Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient History

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Ancient Civilizations

*Ancient Mesopotamia1. Location: -Tigris & Euphrates River Valleys2. Government: -Hammurabi's Code3. Economy: *Agricultural Revolution4. Beliefs:5. Contributions:6. Writing:7. Slavery: -Captured People -Criminals -People who were in debt8. Arts & Culture:9. Technology:10. Rise and Fall: -Fertile soil allowed the civiliation to flurish -More time to focus on other things -Conflict, Rebellion, Weak Kings, Poor Harvest, Slow Trade

Ancient Civilizations

Beginning - 4000BC/BCE

3500 - 1200 BC/BCE







Human Origins1. Location: -Eastern Africa2. Government: -Tribes3. Economy: 4. Beliefs:5. Contributions:6. Writing:7. Slavery: -None Recorded8. Arts & Culture: 9. Technology:10. Rise & Fall: -On the Rise

Ancient Egypt1. Location: -Nile River Valley 2. Government: *Egyptian Pharaohs3. Economy:4. Beliefs: *Mummies5. Contributions: -Medical Skills *Sew cuts, set bones, splints, bandages -365 Day Calendar6. Writing: -Heiroglyphics -Check out your name in heiroglyphics!7. Slavery: -Captured peoples during war8. Arts & Culture:9. Technology:10. Rise and Fall: -Fertile soil allowed the civiliation to flurish -Expanded trade and Conquered Lands -Weakened by pharaohs who tried to change religions -Costly wars

Ancient India1. Location: -Indus River Valley2. Government: 3. Economy:4. Beliefs:5. Contributions: -Algebra -Symbols, #'s 1-9 -Idea of Infinity -Concept of "0" -Atronomy 6. Writing:7. Slavery: -Some -Servants had few rights8. Arts & Culture: -Music was important -Sculptures carved in stone/stone pillars9. Technology:10. Rise and Fall: -Fertile soil allowed the civiliation to flurish -Drought, earthquakes, and floods caused abaondonment of homes

Ancient China1. Location: -Hung He River Valley (Yellow River)2. Government: 3. Economy: -Trade along the *Silk Road4. Beliefs:5. Contributions: -Silk -Acupuncture -Tea6. Writing:7. Slavery:8. Arts & Culture:9. Technology: *Construction of the Great Wall10. Rise and Fall: -Fertile soil allowed the civiliation to flurish -Trade -Fighting between the King, Warlords, and Bureaucracy -Corruption, greed, civil war, rebellion

Ancient Israel1. Location: -Israel2. Government: -Monarchy3. Economy: -Farmed (olives, flax, barley, grapes) -Herded animals4. Beliefs: -Judaism5. Contributions: -Major religious influence -Ten Commandments which influenced law & democracy6. Writing: -Recorded beliefs in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh & Torah)7. Slavery: -They were slaves in Egypt8. Arts & Culture: -Writings -Religion plays a major role in everyday life -Education & family important -Kosher Foods9. Technology: -Temples, Synagogues10. Rise and Fall: -Move from Mesopotamian region to the Mediteranian Sea -Moved to Egypt because of drought -Enslaved there -Fled back to previous land -Assyrians conquered them

Ancient Greece1. Location: -Greece2. Government: 3. Economy:4. Beliefs: *Greek Gods5. Contributions:6. Writing: *Greek Influences on today's language7. Slavery: -Conquered peoples/ prisoners of war8. Arts & Culture:9. Technology:10. Rise and Fall: -Farming helped population -City-States developed

Ancient Rome1. Location: -Italy2. Government: *Roman Republic3. Economy:4. Beliefs:5. Contributions:6. Writing:7. Slavery:8. Arts & Culture:9. Technology:10. Rise and Fall: *The Rise of the Roman Empire *The Fall of the Romans

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Final Assessment Essay*Option #1: In a three paragraph essay, compare and contrast two ancient civilizations.*Option #2: In a three paragraph essay, explain the importance of water regarding settlement and support your case with examples from ancient civilizations. *Option #3: In a three paragraph essay, list and describe some of the major "game-changers"/significant developments that occured during the time of ancient civilizations.