Ancient Civilisations

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Ancient History

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Ancient Civilisations

Ancient Civilizations

Similarities and Differences

Each of the four ancient society's we've studied have their own similarities and differences that set them apart from one another here we have listed all of the facts we thought we interesting and went well with this project.


these society lived along a riverThey had some sort of Magic (Sorcerer, spells, charms)Worshiped some sort of god .'Tien' god of heaven(China), 'Ra' the sun god/ 'Osiris' god of the underworld(Egypt), 'Inanna' the city god(Uruk) and 'Nanna' another city god (Ur) In MesopotamiaEach civilization had a Hierarchy.Had Divine Rights (Egypt and China)All had kings/RulersEach society made sacrifices.They all had different legacy's/inventions that set them apart from one another.

Indus River Valley

Ancient China

Ancient Egypt


Hinduism is the third largest religion was started in the Indus River Valley.Buddhism was formed here in the Indus River Valley.the Indus river Valley people were the first to grow and farm rice.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the world and id located in Egypt Egypt's first female Pharaoh was Hatshepsut. She was one of the most successful leaders and ruled longer than any other female leader.Created the process of human Mummification.Ophthalmology is the treatment of eye diseases, and was done first in Egypt.

One of China's best Legacy's were silk, because it was so valuable, and expensive.One of the seven wonders of the world is the Great Wall of China, and is one of two left in the world today.China had the most advanced army of the ancient world. China is the oldest/still remaining civilization,of the ancient world.

Though Ancient Egypt and China had dynasties, the Indus River Valley and Mesopotamia did not.

Both Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt had advanced mathematics, that had helped them build, and help them both make their own calenders.

Both Ancient Egypt and China were once both united as countries, by powerful strong leaders like Qin Shi Huang Di (China) and Menes (United Egypt)

Mesopotamia had city-states They had a a ruler per city-stateMesopotamia is the oldest civilizationSumerians were the first to use silver for statues, pottery, and jewelry They were the first to practice medicine including dentistry


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