Ancient Chinese

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Ancient History

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Ancient Chinese

The society was divided into six classes. The king and his relatives, which were the highest, and below them were nobles, artisans, traders, farmers, and slaves. Nobles enjoyed luxuries lives in great palaces. When they were not living in amazing castles, they were fighting in the king's armies. After, comes the Artisans. They were so important because they made weapons for the nobles out of bronze, which were extremely valueable. They also made specail ceremonial containers that the king and his nobles could use in such an important cause. Then, the traders. They traded extensively. During the Shang dynasty, people mostly exchanged goods. They traded with neighboring regions and paid with cowrie shells which were extramely valueable. The largest social class was farmers. They worked on small areas of land, that they didn't own, and grew things such as millet, wheat, barley, rice, fruit, vegatables, and nuts. They used simple tools, and grew cattle, chicken, and pigs. The least important social class were slaves. They spent their lives living for their owners, and when their masters dies, they were mosy likely sacrificed.

Ancient Chinese Dynasties

During the Shang Dynasty, their religion was based off of ancestor worship. They believed in life after death so they put treasures in kings' tombs. They also believed passed relatives and ancestors had the power to help and harm the living. Because of this, The Shang honored them. For respect, they gave up goods, and sometimes did sacrifices. The king used oracle bones seek ancestors advice. The king would then carve words into their oracle bone and press a hot rod onto the oracle bone, making it crack.

Social Classes

Shang DynastyIn about 1700 B.C.E, a strong clan, called The Shang, became powerful enough to rule all of China. For many hundreds of years, they were considered a legend. The Shang sre thought to be one of the first Chinese to use any system of writing. They wrote on things called Oracle bones, which were said to predict the future. The Shang dynasty had many royal cities that included temples, houses and workshops. Though, we have no solid evidence that The Shang even existed.


Shang China

The Zhou dynasty, also known as the longest dynasty, was around in 1046-256 B.C.E. The most historical figure fo Zhou was King Wen, who became king in 1099 B.C.E, during the last days of the Shang dynasty. They created the idea that gods sent the rulers down to earh tho rule, and that if a ruler were to be bad or foolish the gods would take his approval away. This was called the Mandate of Heaven. Also during this Dynasty, The Time of the Warring States was going on. People started invading China around 800 B.C.E, and in 771 B.C.E, invaders destroyed the capitol of Hao.

Zhou Dynasty


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