Ancient Chinese Dynasties

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Ancient Chinese Dynasties

Ancient Chinese Dynasties

Shang ReligionThis religion focused on ancestor worship. This means that if you worship your ancestors you will have a good life. To see what your ancestors want though, you need to use oracle bones. The way it worked was a hot needle would be pressed against the bone making it crack. They way it was translated was the "holy man" or the king would translate the message.

Social Classed of Ancient ChinaNobles-had control over land due to strong army, and they also lived a life of luxuryArtisans-many of these people were potters, stonemasons, and workers crafting items. These people were lower than Nobles but higher than farmersTraders-They were much like the artisans because they were of the same class rank. They traders mostly exchanged goodsFarmers-this social class had the most people. The farmers grew millet, barley, rice, fruit, and vegetablesSlaves-the slaves were the lowest rank in society. They usually built things for their masters. When they're master died they would be sacrificed

Shang Social Classes

Shang Dynasty

In about 1045 B.C.E. the Zhou moved into the central plains and overthrew the Shang creating a new dynasty. For many years they ruled with outlying states. This leaded to many wars and disorder in the central government. First they had to overthrow the shang and to do that they claimed that they had the Mandate of Heaven or the acceptance of the gods to be rulers. The way the Shang were stripped of their Mandate of heaven was by the Heavens not being pleased. The only way to know of this was by a natural disaster or something that did wrong to the dynasty. Once the Mandate was stripped the kingdom was up for taking.

Shang Dynasty's GovermentThe Shang Dynasty ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E. The dynasty was usually ruled by a powerful king. To make himself more powerful he gave the outlying lands to his younger brothers and nephews so they could control those parts. The kings also had to have armies to defend or expand their kingdom. Most of them were in constant warfare trying to keep other clans or kingdoms controled. Part of the reason their armies were so strong was because the nobles had bronze, a mixture a tin and copper. Most warriors were either on foot, riding a horse or an elephant, or in a chariot.

Zhou Dynasty


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