Ancient Chinese Dynasties Timeline

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Ancient Chinese Dynasties Timeline

Han Dynasty206 BCE-220 CE

The Zhou dynasty was the longest dynasty in history. It was well known for the creations of philosophies like Daoism, Confusianism, and Legalism.

Qin Dynasty221-206 BCE

Zhou Dynasty1046-256 BCE

There were many advances in science and literature.Their economy took a leap forward mainly because of agriculture.

This is the first Chinese dynasty system. The Xia created a calendar system which used both lunar and solar movements.

Sui Dynasty581-618 CE

Ancient Chinese Dynasties Timeline

Xia Dynasty2100-1600 BCE

Shang Dynasty1600-1050 BCE

This dynasty is remembered for its spread of culture. The influence of Buddhism was heightened during this time period too.

The development in agriculture became a focus. Mild trading among the Chinese started. Bronze casting techniques allowed for delicate musical instruments to be made.

This dynasty was split into the Western and Eastern dynasties. It had about 24 emperors ruling during its time. The Han dynasty is known for playing a huge role in the Silk Road.

The Qin dynasty carried out many reforms in politics, economy, military affairs, and culture. They were well known for the change in their currency and they initiated the development of the Great Wall.

The Sui dynasty is known for its advancements in shipbuilding. Also during this time China becomes reunified after Period of Disunity.

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The Forbidden City in Beijing was crafted this time. Creations with porcelain were also relevant during this time.

There was a great jump in economic developments which lead to a heighten in the population of China. Finally, the Revolution of 1911 led by Sun Yat-sen, broke out and overthrew the Empire of Qing. This brought the period of monarchy governing to an end.

Ming Dynasty1368-1644

Tang Dynasty618-906

Yuan Dynasty1279-1368

Qing Dynasty1644-1912


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