Ancient Chinese Dynasties: Haudenosaunee

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Ancient Chinese Dynasties: Haudenosaunee


Haudenosaunee also known as the Iroquois have six nations: Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, and then TuscaroraThey all lived in the north or south of the St. Lawrence RiverThe similar language they spoke was called Alonquin and other traditionsThey made decision making by consensus


The main crops were squash, corn and beans. People always planted them together and they helped each other grow. They were called the three sisters. Their roles of helping each other were: corn stalks supported the climbing beans, squash blocked the weeds from crowding the corn. They became they main food for Haudenosaunee

The Three Sisters

Each long house had a clan mother. When people get married, the husband and to live in the wife's long house. You would find out who's in which clan if the women and children were living in the same longhouse. Every clan has its own symbol: Bear, wolf, snipe, deer, eel, or hawk. Each member of a clan is a family, that is why they cannot marry each other. They have to marry someone from another clan.


Their roles were cooking, farming, and had to take care of the children and the long house. They made clothes out of animal skin, they did housework too. Woman picked Chiefs for the clans and can take the job from them if there not fulfilling it. Other jobs were making clay pots and baskets.

Roles of Women

They hunted, made bows and arrows, made wampum belts, they also made equipment for games like: lacrosse, snow snake, hoop and dart, and hoop and javelin. Men were called the Warriors and did more outside activities like fighting fo the tribe, but not all of the men, men who are weak and elderly are told to stay in the longhouse.

Roles of Men

They lived in homes called long houses. Long houses are made from bark and are narrow and wide. 10 feet tall and 4-5 feet apart. It is 20 feet wide and 40-200 feet long



As you all know men hunt and women cook. The food that Haudenosaunee cook and eat are: corn soup, dumpling soup, string bean soup, three bean soup, stewed meat, boiled meat, soup, sweet baked beans, roast corn, fried mushroom, Wilde elderberry pie, squash, potato and cabbage, pit baked beans, dried baked corn, corn breads, and much more



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