Ancient China

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Ancient History

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Ancient China

Silk is a soft, light, and highly valued fabric created in the Han dynasty. For centuries, Chinese women were smart enough to carry on this highly complicated method to make the silk. They unwound the silk threads from cocoons, and then prepared the threads for dyeing and weaving by using foot powered looms to weave the silk threads. This was important because it allowed the Chinese women to make better quality clothes.

This procedure allowed doctors to place fine needles in the first layer of a person's skin, hitting specific points in the body to relieve pain and cure disease. This is important because we still use this today to relive uncomfortable pain in our bodies that medicines sometimes can't do.

This is a devise that measures the stregnth of an earthquake and its location. It was recorded that the Han emporers were interested in knowing about the movements of earth, so this tool was beneficial to them because they could now know where and when the earthquakes were occurring. Therefore, this made it eaiser for them to send immidiate help.

A sundial uses the shadow of the sun in position to show a certain time. This is the earliest type of clock. This was important because it allowed people to always be on the same time as each other, making it easier to meet with eachotherand do things. The only problem was that it didn't work at night or during cloudy days.

Ancient China






The Great Wall

Chinese paper was one of the four great inventions by the Chinese. Early Chinese paper was said to be made by taking inner bark of mulberry trees, adding water, and pounded them with wooden tool. Once pounded thoroughly, they poured the substance over a flat woven cloth letting the water drain out. Once dried, they cut it into thin strips and they have custom made paper. This was important because they could record data that we use in history today.

Also known as the longest graveyard, the Great Wall was completed by the Qin Dynasty. Unpaid laborors were taken from their homes and forced to work on the wall. It was said to be used to keep out demons from the desert. Today, tourist go there to discover the greatness of this special monument of Chinese history.


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