Ancient China

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Ancient History

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Ancient China

Shang DynastyThe Shang dynasty began near the Yellow River in 1700 B.C.E. The first capital city of The Shang Dynasty was called Anyang. The city included a palace, temple, and houses. The Shang had social classes too, The Nobles were at the top, they consisted of lords and kings. Then the artisans, which they made the tools, and weapons. Then the traders, then the farmers, and then the slaves. The Shang government was ruled by one King, yet he had other lands that lords would take care of for him. They would have their own army, land and power. The lords would constantly fight the other clans for power.

Ancient China

Zhou DynastyIn 1045 B.C.E the Zhou took over China. They believed in the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate said that the king was accepted by God and is any disaster happened the God donesnt like the king anymore. So he would be overthrown Also the Zhou Dynasty was the longest lasting dynasty ever.

China in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties


Shang DynastyThe Shang's religion was mostly ancestor worship. They would put their kings in tomb and they would put their riches in boxes in the tomb. They also used oracle bones, made out of turtle shells and cow shoulder blades. They would then write on them and the. Take a hot piece of metal and make it crack. The Shang also had a writing system that consisted of pictographs. The Shang artisans also worked with bronze to make weapons.


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