Ancient China

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Ancient China

The Great Wall

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What is the Great WallThe Great Wall of China is one of the greatest construnction of the world that was functioned as defense system. In 220 B.C.E. Qinshihuangdi started to constructed the Great Wall and construction continued up to the Ming dynasty(1368-1644). The Great Wall started as the defensive barrier for China, Qin dynasty, but later if became to functioned more as psychological barrier to Chinese civilizaitons.

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Importance of the Great Wall to World HistorySince the Great Wall started to construct by Qinshihuangdi, the Great Wall became significant evidence of history. Firstly the Great Wall is significant symbol of agricultural settlement. It reflected exchanges between agricultural civilizations and nomadic civilizations in ancient China that Chinese civilizations settled and created their first dynasty by Qinshihuangdi. Before the Great Wall was built, China had major problems of northern nomads. Half of China was desert, mountain, arid plateau especially in the north. The people from these "northern steppe" areas lived closely with the Chinese. Those northern nomads continuously attacked Chinese civilizations, tried to invade and conquer the settled agricultural civilizations of the Chinese Empire. As the Great Wall built, it provided safety of Chinese, who relied on settled agriculture, from northern nomad, who relied on nomadic herding and also solved conflict between settled agriculture and nomadic herding. The Great Wall is also the outstanding example of the military architecture that provided significant physical evidence of political strategy and defensive systems of ancient China. The Great Wall also functioned as psychological defense to Chinese people, because it embodied unparalleled significance as the national symbol for the security. This soon became to represented the Chinese's unity. The Great Wall also played significant role in war. During the second Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945, the United Chinese that combined Nationalists and Communists) used the Great Wall as a barrier to defend from northern invasion. Japan troops also used the Great Wall to marched south to attack Beijing. They seized control of the north areas of the Wall and marched to attack Beijing in 1933.

S.P.I.C.E.Interaction between humans and the environments & Cultural The Great Wall is most recognizable symbol of China that consisted numerous wall and many running parallel to each other. To constructed the Great Wall, it needed superior military architecture, technology and art of ancient China. Therefore, the Great Wall contained complex cultural property that became unique example of a military architectural ensemble. These illustrates successive advances in defense techniques. Economic The original purpose of the Great Wall was to defense from nomadic invaders, but later, it also helped to economic aspects of China. As the Great Wall was a product of the agricultural and nomadic economies, it became to provide protection to the economic development and cultural progress and safeguard of the trading routes.

1800c.-2000 c., the Great Wall emerged as the most common emblem of China for the Western world, and a symbol both physical strength and psychological representation of the barrier maintained by the Chinese state to repel foreign influences and exert control over its citizens.


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