Ancient China

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Ancient History

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Ancient China

It is Chinese people that invented how to harvest the silk and use it in clothing and paper thousands years ago. It is silkworms that naturally create silk, however.


Silk is used for many things to this day. For example clothing: it is used mostly for females but sometimes men. It is mostly an exspensive product

Porcelain is a very specific kind of ceramic produced in the extreme temperatures of a kiln. Porcelain, of course, originated in China; which is how China gets its name. Early in the 16th century BC . Porcelain was much finer than other clay ceramics, so thin as to be translucent. Its white color could be painted in many colors. Porcelain was one of the most highly prized products from China, and in fact came to be called "china.


Porcelain is used for many thing today. glass plates and pots. But most people used it for vases. It is really fragile and can be broken easily!

A sundial is an device that used to measure time by the position of the Sun.It is called “rigui” in Chinese. In ancient China, it was used by Chinese people to count hours during the sunny days. When the sun moves across the sky, it casts shadows from its Gnomon, a thin rod or a sharp, onto a flat calibrated dial. The lines marked on the dial indicate the hours of the day. At different time, the different hour-lines will be marked on the dial.


The sundial is used for many things today. We use it for traveling. Most historians used a sundial such as Christopher Columbus.

The earliest Chinese compasses were probably not originally invented for navigation, but to harmonize environments and buildings in accordance with the geometric principles of Feng Shui. It is proved that the earliest Chinese reference recording a magnetic device used as a "direction finder" is in a Song Dynasty book dated during from 960 to1279. The invention of compass greatly improved the safety and efficiency of travel, especially oceanic navigation.


Today we use compasses to find direction. We also use them for navigation reasons. They show north south east and west. Compasses can be vary expincive.

Before paper was invented, the ancient Chinese carved characters on pottery, animal bones and stones, cast them in bronzes, or wrote them on bamboo or wooden strips and silk fabric. These materials, however, were either too heavy or two expensive for widespread use. The invention and use of paper brought a revolution in writing and paved the way for the invention of printing technology.


We use paper a lot in society today. We use it for work and school. We are always using paper and thanks to china it is possible. Recycling one ton of paper saves about 17 trees.

Gunpowder, known since the late 19th century as black powder, is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate. Because it burns rapidly and generates a large amount of heat and gas, gunpowder has been widely used as a propellant in firearms and as a pyrotechnic composition in fireworks. In ancient China, gunpowder and gunpowder-based weapons were invented and widely used by military forces to dispel invasion at the borders.The prevailing academic consensus is that gunpowder was discovered in the 9th century by Chinese alchemists searching for an elixir of immortality.

Gun powder is not used a lot in todays times now we use bullets. Muskets use gunpowder, they are not very common. Most people use different kinds of guns.


Ancient China


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