Ancient China

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Ancient China

The Huang He River

Ancient China 2000-200 B.C.

The Yangtze River

Complex Institution

FeudalismOne guy is at the top, then people below him, then the peasants.There was also the Dynastic Cycle. Which is the rise and decline of Dynasties

Secialized Workers

They were smart enough to build civilizations. Farmers would grow rice. They also made tools and weapons.


Roads and canals were built within cities. Blast furnaces were built, which improved iron coined money. This improved trade through out the civilizations.

Acnient chinese people kept records on bones, shells, stone slabs and aslo on bamboo.

Record keeping

Cities were so advanced because they were on the two main rivers. (Yangtze and Huang He) They harvested many things that they would trade.

Advanced Cities

A Chinese emperor could have over 3,000 wives

Fun Fact !


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