Ancient China Timeline

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Ancient China Timeline

The Leaders of the Shang dynasty consulted oracle bones before making big decisions

The Great Wall of China is started in 215 BC. It was built to keep out invaders.

1700BCThe Shang Dynasty begins, becoming the 1st dynasty of China. They influenced China's culture and celebrated polyetheisim.

Ancient China1700 BC to AD 300




AD 300

1400BCShang writing is simplified and written on bamboo, silk, and bones. They also influence China's culture.

260 BCConfucius' Ideas are used in a type of goverment called Confucanism where educated people rule rather than nobles

Shihuangdi begins the Qin Dynasty, becoming the 1st Emperor in 246 BC after defeating all of the states.

140 BC Wudi begins his reign and starts a Chinese Bureacracy.

The Great Wall of China is started in 215 BC.

475 BC The Warring states period starts these regions had frequent quarrels until 221 BC when Qin defeated them. All together there were 250 years of fighting.

771 BCThe Zhou King is killed by invaders. Two rival kings claimed the Zhou throne and one king suceeded the other.

551 BCConfucius is born in the state of Lu andborn in the season of autumn.

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100 BC The Han Dynasty invents paper and the invention is soon followed by the 1st Chinese dictionary.


AD 1


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