Ancient China Ancient Egypt

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Ancient China Ancient Egypt

Ancient China

Ancient Egypt

Structures-Pharaohs tombs were massive stone pyramids - Filled riches and things might needed in afterlife

Geography - Natural barriers isolated it } Flooding was disastrous } Natural barriers didn't protect from invasion



Social Classes

Geography -In the delta } The Nile river flooded like clockwork { Silt from floods was good for farming

The written language united the civilizations because no matter how you spoke the written word were the same for everyone.

Hieroglyphics were pictures that meant different things: picture of a man = a man in reality

Religion: -Thought that pharaohs were god-kings } They worshiped many gods and believed in a happy afterlife

Religion:-Mandate of Heaven decided when it was time for a new dynasty { Ancestors were honored and were thought to bring good or bad luck


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