ancient china agriculture

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ancient china agriculture

Ancient China's agriculture was amazing. They plowed fields with oxen and they made pond like floods so they can grow rice in the South. In the North they grew millet, barley, wheat, and hemp. Other popular crops in the South were lychees and snow peas

fields of rice

Ancient China Agriculture

People created the rice fields by buiilding up layers and boxing them off. After they did that water came and it flooded creating perfect growing conditions for rice. These were called paddy feilds.

Rice and millet was grown in China. It was popular when there was no droughts and lots of water. Other grains are also popular. Rice was the first grain grown.

a ox plowing

harvest tool


Ancient China Agriculture

In anceint china they used irrigation machines to irrigate their crops. They operated this machine by pedaling it. When the pedals moved it moved a wheel with it, it picked up water and moved it to where they wanted it.


"Agriculture is the foundation of our world" -Han Emporer Wu


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