[2015] Austin Smith: Ancient China

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Ancient History

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[2015] Austin Smith: Ancient China

GeographyThis civilization occurred sometime around 2000 BCE. China was home to one out of four early civilizations found around the world. The culture that developed in Ancient CHina became the nation of China that exists today.

Ancient ChinaBy. Austin Smith

Politics Ancient China had a government ruled by a Dynasties,sometimes united under one dynesty but often competing dynasties in controlling different regions. Ancient China dynasties tended to be bureaucratic and very strict.

In ancient China people spent their time farming for the last ten thousand years. In northern China they mostly farm wheat, and in the southern part of China it is mostly rice.But around 500 BC, people in china also began to trade alot of people all across Asia, mostly along the Silk Road.

China monuments


Society Beneath the emperor, there were four main social classes in ancient China. These four classes were noticed and officials, peasants, artisans and merchants.


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