[2015] Dan Roj (Period 2): Ancient China

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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[2015] Dan Roj (Period 2): Ancient China

Ancient China

China's current capitalisBejing

The current leader or President isXi Jinping

What is the Chinese Wall ?The chinese wall is a big wall that was made to prevent inveaders from the north. Is 5.03 miles long and 15-30 feet tall. It is the biggest cementary in the world because when they were building it, a lot of people die by falling of etc. It was started to build by Shi Huagdi (first emperor). Finishing the wall took 200 years.

Two important cities from Ancient China are Beijing and Xi'an.

The main religions in china are Confucianism and Taoism

The national animal of china is the giant panda.

Compare ancient and modern: Ancient China fathers rule the family and womens were obligate them to marry any men that there father wants. Modern China have clean the great wall of china, now womens can marry anyone they want and the mother can rule the family.


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