Ancient China

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Social Studies

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Ancient China

Beginnings of the religion and where.Buddhism started in northeastern India. The religion is over 2,500 years old. Nearly 350 million people follow the religion worldwide. The religion is the main religion in Asian countries.

Buddhism GlogsterBy: Adam Baranovsky

The three main gods and their qualities.There is one main god in Buddhism and it is Buddha. He is looked up to as a great teacher and Buddhists respect him.

How many people follow the religion? China's the most populated country with the most Buddhists. Their is around 250 million Buddhists in China.

Where do Buddhists worship. Buddhists worship at home and at temples. Worshipers sit on the floor barefoot facing Buddha.

The holy scriptures of faith.The holy scriptures of faith are, Kalama Sutta, faith and the persevation of truth, and faith as initial acceptance.

Two major holidays buddhists commemorate.The two major holidays are Vesakha, it celebrates the first full moon in May. The second one is Usopatha, which celebrates the four holy days on the new moon.


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