Ancient Babylon

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Ancient Babylon

10 Interesting facts about Babylon1. One of the famous architectures of Babylon is 'The Hanging Gardens' and is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World2. Babylon was the capital of Ancient Mesopotamia3. The Eupharates River seperated Old and New Babylon and worked as a trading route for it's people.4. Ancient Babylon is currently covered by Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.5. The Bible refers to Babylon as a city of great power, wealth, and godlessness.6. Ancient Babylon is mentioned in earliest known forms of writing; Cuneiform writing.7. Based on religious beliefs, Babylonians created scientific and mathematical knowledge still used today.8. Babylonians invented the sundial to tell time.9. king Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem before destroying much of it. 10. One of the oldest deciphered writings, 'Hammurabi's Code of Laws' includes 282 laws.

Babylon is widely known as the center of Ancient Mesopotamia. It worked as a cultural hub of great ancient civilizations. The Babylonians gave offerings to the immortal gods and cleaned their statues every day. Offerings were provided by the wealthy and royal ones. The temples which they gave offerings to were called 'Ziggurats", and each city had its own god and a temple. One other famous artifact is King Hammurabi's Code. It was established by King Hammurabi and consists of 282 laws. A famous excerpt is 'Eye for an Eye'. It is one of the most oldest deciphered writings in the world. The language that the Babylonians used were the Akkadian language. Even though there were some differences throughout the whole reigion, all of Mesopotamia used it. Akkadian language, part of the Seimitic Language family, is related to modern Arabic and Herbrew.

Ancient Babylon


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