Ancient Athens

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Ancient Athens

The Ancient AthensAlex C P1

Athenians were some of the first civilizations to develop a form of Democracy. After years of Monarchy, they finally made a new way where the people affect the government. More is described in the video below.


Most of the Athenian's had art consisting of sculptures for their gods, goddesses, or other people. They also used pottery and statues for memorials, temples, and markers.


Athenians believed that goddesses and gods would affect their everydayand afterlives. They were polytheistic. They believed in Gods of elements (water, wood) and half-gods, or human heroes. There were many temples for the gods.

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Social Class

Athens was made of a variety of Social class. The upper class was for men with high military positions, they had leisure and free from economic burdens. Middle class was consisted of merchants and traders who couldn’t vote or own land. Lower Classes were of people who were very poor or were ex-slaves, with almost no rights. Slaves worked for the upper classes. Women were in the class their husbands were in, but couldn't vote or own property.


Almost 80% of the populartion was involved in agriculture. Their diet was based upon wheats or other edible plants. They also had many olive trees for their use. They also grew grapes, vegetable gardens, orchards, and herbs. They were able to domesticate some animals as well.


Trade was important in Athens, as they were able to get things that were rare in their area. They were also able to make exports of wine, olives, and pottery. The amount of goods they were able to give were grown after the Bronze Age, and they were able to expand their trading bounderies.


Architecture was one of the most important ways of arts that survived to modern day. Many buildings around Greece show examples of Athenian architecture. There are some pictures above as well.


Athenian Music

The video shows the influence of governments on the city of Athens and its people.

→ The Crash course provides a few details about the Athenian's history, and their wars.

Enjoy some Ancient Greek music while you scroll


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