Ancient Architecture, (Assignment), Ancient History

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Ancient Architecture, (Assignment), Ancient History

Attention Ancient Architechs!You have been tasked with the creation of an ancient structure. It is up to you to build something that will stand the test of time. Your group will be assigned a culture and you are to construct an ancient Egyptian, Roman, or Greek structure.While building think about the style of the ancient culture you are building for and incorporate those characteristics into your structure. Use your knowledge of the ancient culture to write a one page report and present your structure to the class explaining who built it, when it was built, and what it would have been used for.

Greek Columns

Roman Arches


Create an Ancient Structure!

Flat Surfaces of Egypt

Checklist( ) See rubric for marking scheme( ) discuss building with group ( ) decide which characteristics you will use( ) build structure together as a team( ) brainstorm ideas for report and presentation( ) write report( ) do presentation

Remember the Features!





1 - boxes and other recyclables2 - scissors tape, glue, other adhesives3- materials for decorating the exterior


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