[2015] 210Braxton K (6th Room 210): Ancient

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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[2015] 210Braxton K (6th Room 210): Ancient

Greek Olympic events

The boys and men will be split up into two different divisions. The discus will be made of lead, stone, iron, or bronze.The ancient Greeks considered the rhythm and precision of an athlete throwing the discus as important as his strength. The discus was made of stone, iron, bronze, or lead, and was shaped like a flying saucer. Sizes varied, since the boys' division was not expected to throw the same weight as the men’s'.

Today will be an important day in history today! There will be many events that only free men who speak Greek can join the Olympics! We will be talking about all of the events in the Olympics make sure to come!In boxing, we will be seeing Greek men fight until one is knocked out or gives up. One may beat up the loser after he has lost.We will be watching the discus event as well.

The next event is javelin. The javelins are made as high as the man himself, with an either sharpened end or an attached metal point.The javelin was a man-high length of wood, with either a sharpened end or an attached metal point. It had a thong for a hurler's fingers attached to its center of gravity, which increased the precision and distance of a javelin's flight.There are 4 different races in the Olympics. The stadion is an event where you would sprint the length of the stadium. The next one is the length of the stadium twice, and the next one is a race ranging from 1,344- 4,608 meters!

The most grueling event is a 384-768 meter race… in armor that weighed 50 to 60 lbs! Next, is the long jump. The person will jump as far as he can to try to win.The next one is wrestling. First, an athlete must throw his opponent on the ground, landing on his hip, shoulder or back for a point. 3 throws are needed to win, also biting is not allowed. You are allowed to break your opponents bones and attack him after he has already lost.

Javelin and racing


Long Jump, wrestling,and running

Introduction and boxing

The last event is the chariot races. There are 2-horse races, 4-horse races, and the foal race. Only wealthy people can afford the training, equipment, and the food for the jockey and the horses/mules/foals. The owner of the slave driver will recieve the olive wreath of victory. This will be a very, very exciting year! The start of an important tradition starts now!

Chariot races

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